Torrei Hart Opens Up About Her "Up-And-Down" Relationship With Kevin Hart

Torrei Hart Opens Up About Her "Up-And-Down" Relationship With Kevin Hart
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Kevin Hart along with his ex-wife, Torrei Hart, celebrated their son's tenth birthday recently with a ninja-warrior-themed party at the GlowZone LA in the Woodland Hills area of LA on the 5th of November, Sunday.

According to a report from Us Weekly, around seventy children, as well as their families, attended the birthday bash designed by the company named, bDASHd, who created face-painting events, game rooms, and themed desserts.

Ever since Kevin and Torrei divorced back in 2011 after eight years of being married, they have, for the most part, worked at co-parenting their children. They have two kids together, Heaven, 12, and their 10-year-old Hendrix.

During a chat with the publication, she claimed "It's not always easy," it "takes time," and both parties have to be "willing and wanting."

Additionally, the business owner stated it's "up-and-down" like any relationship. Some days they get along great and others not so much. She said "one little thing" can trigger it and they just have to "reset."

According to the mother-of-two, "you just have to deal with it." Kevin is a busy man these days, as his current wife, Eniko Parrish, are about to have their first baby together in November.

Despite their past animosity, Torrei is excited to see another friend for her kids with Kevin. Hart claimed she has "baby fever" but doesn't "want any more kids."

Hart added that she "just wants peace" between herself, Kevin, and Eniko. At the moment, Torrei is seeing another man, but she's keeping his identity out of the public's collective conscious. Torrei said she's "having a good time" and is "having fun" living her life. The ex-wife of Kevin stated they like each other a lot, but there is no point in revealing his identity unless they get married.


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