Tori Spelling Wants To Be On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Here’s Why It Will Never Happen

Tori Spelling Wants To Be On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Here’s Why It Will Never Happen
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Tori Spelling wants to be a cast member on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Sadly, for the actress, the chances of her ever being on the Bravo show are slim to none.

Earlier this week, Spelling stopped by Sirius XM's The Jenny McCarthy Show with her pal Jennie Garth to discuss their new show BH90210 . During the chat, Spelling revealed she was interested in joining the RHOBH . However, the mother of five has never been asked to become a cast member.

Spelling explained to Garth and McCarthy that it made her sad to have never been asked to be on RHOBH. After all, she lives in Beverly Hills, is married, has children, and is full of drama.

"They never asked me, and it actually makes me really sad. I was born in Beverly Hills, so I have one thing going for me. I'm married with a lot of kids, drama follows me everywhere," she declared.

Although McCarthy stated she thought the actress might get her shot now, Radar Online is claiming Spelling will never get a chance to be on the reality TV show.

"Tori is 100 percent correct. She was never asked to be on RHOBH . She's not a good fit," a source close to the Bravo show shared with the website.

The insider claims despite her famous last name Spelling is not rich enough to fit in the with cast members. Denise Richards, Lisa Rinna, Kyle Richards and the rest of the RHOBH ladies also don't run in the same circles as the Beverly Hills 90210 alum.

"The RHOBH cast isn't running into Tori Spelling. The cast is full of actresses who have set the bar high with bringing the drama. Tori doesn't have a thick enough skin to play ball with the RHOBH cast," the source shared along with the tidbit that Spelling is not A-list enough for the Bravo ladies.

Tori Spelling has never been asked to be on RHOBH , even though she desperately wants to become a cast member.

Jennie Garth revealed she was asked to be on the reality TV show. The What I Like About You alum declined it because she doesn't do reality TV and is not a "desperate housewife."

Andy Cohen got wind of Spelling being offended, and they discussed it on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen . Although he listened to all of her reasons why she wanted to be on the show, Cohen didn’t even give a hint of putting in a good word for Spelling.

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  • Tanisha
    Tanisha Aug 11, 2019 10:10 PM PDT

    She’s not A list enough? I wouldn’t call any of those actresses A list, Denise Richards maybe B lost at best. Lisa Rinna has always looked ridiculous with her overplumped lips and had a short stint on a show that became a spin off of 90210. Tori was actually the lead on a successful show for 10 years! Not one of those other actresses can say that. Plus she has continued to stay in the public eye and has been seen recently hanging out with Denise Richards. I’ve never even heard of Kyle Richards but I’m sure just about everyone has heard of Tori Spelling. Why would Jenni who has acted even less than Tori be asked and not her? Doesn’t make sense.

  • Justin
    Justin Aug 11, 2019 8:28 PM PDT

    Just let poor Tori be brutalized by the ladies of RHOBH!!

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