Tori Spelling Spotted With Her Very Wealthy Mother After She Is Ordered To Pay Amex $88k

Tori Spelling Spotted With Her Very Wealthy Mother After She Is Ordered To Pay Amex $88k
Credit: Source: US Weekly

After a report surfaced that a California court had ordered Beverly Hills 90210 alum Tori Spelling to pay back American Express more than $88,000, the actress posted a rare pic this week with her mom, Candy Spelling, who is worth more than $600 million.

Tori and Candy - plus Tori’s five kids Liam, 11, Stella, 10, Hattie, 6, Finn, 5, and Beau, 1 - all enjoyed a family night together. Tori’s husband Dean McDermott and some other friends also showed up in some pics.

In the pic, Tori was sitting on the couch with her mom, and she wore a sleeveless red top and black skirt. Candy rocked a black jacket and white lace top, plus some black tights and combat boots.

The $88,000 credit card bill is just one of the financial problems Tori and Dean are facing. They also have a judgment against them for over $5,000 for other credit card debt originally owned by Citibank. And, The Franchise Tax Board in California says that Tori owes them more than $338.000 in unpaid taxes.

But, there’s more. Tori and Dean also received a $220,000 default judgment against them in November 2017, after they failed to pay back in full a $400,000 loan from City National Bank. The couple also owes the IRS nearly $1 million in unpaid federal taxes, and Radar Online reports that the government agency cleaned out Tori and Dean’s bank accounts to help pay off the debt.

Candy - who is the widow of Tori’s dad, legendary TV producer Aaron Spelling - does reportedly help Tori and Dean by paying for her grandchildren’s school. It isn’t clear if she helps them out more than that.

Aaron Spelling amassed his fortune in the 1970s and 80s by creating shows like Charlie’s Angels, The Mod Squad, Fantasy Island, The Love Boat, and Dynasty.

But, when he passed away, Candy got all of the money, and Tori (as well as her brother, Randy) have had to make their way without their dad’s cash.

Tori and Dean’s financial trouble has been hard on their marriage, according to insiders. The couple reportedly had a “blowout fight” after American Express filed a “writ of execution order” asking the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office to take possession of the $88,000 that she owes them.

Tori Spelling "screamed at Dean to get out of her life and not come back until he gets a job," says an inside source. "She is sick and tired of their financial situations that they can't climb out of."


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