Tori Spelling Says Her Relationship With Stepson Grew Closer Following His Come-Out Story

Tori Spelling Says Her Relationship With Stepson Grew Closer Following His Come-Out Story
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According to a report from USA Today, Tori Spelling first came face-to-face with her step-son when he was 6-years-old. At that time, her step-son was going through an especially difficult time due to his parent's divorce. In an Instagram post, Tori revealed what it was like to get to know her step-son over the years as he celebrates his 21st birthday this week.

Tori's step-son, Jack, is the son of Dean McDermott. His mother is Dean's ex-wife, Jo Eustace. The actress shared her post on IG in which she stated that the first time she met Jack, she was just the woman his father was dating.

Initially, he didn't know who she was, and he frequently referred to her as "Teri," rather than Tori. The actress claimed she and Jack bonded over things like video games , hide and seek, including his school project involving a rabbit.

As the years went by, their relationship grew stronger and stronger, however, she noted Jack's childhood was marred by bullying on account of the fact he played with Polly Pockets. Tori stated that he ignored them and laughed so much and had fun that eventually, people wanted to be a part of it, rather than condemn it.

At that time in his life, Spelling explained, Jack was a "quiet" child, and she didn't want to infringe on his life too much, instead, giving him room to breathe and develop into his own person. A few years later, he came out of the closet as a gay man, and she was "so proud of his confidence."

According to Tori, Jack was 17-years-old when he first came out, and his father, Dean McDermott, opened up about it during an episode of his Daddy Issues podcast. Dean claimed that while he and his family supported him, the world might not always do the same thing.

Speaking with the guest, Perez Hilton, McDermott noted that his son was gay. The star claimed he wanted what was best for his child, and didn't want him to experience a life of "hard times and bigotry." Moreover, McDermott praised Jack's good looks as well, stating that he's a "6-foot-4 Adonis."

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