Tori Spelling May Be Broke! The IRS Took Back $700,000

Tori Spelling May Be Broke! The IRS Took Back $700,000

Tori Spelling allegedly doesn't have any money. Not in the sense that she no longer is a super rich person who can't afford to have a personal driver, but rather the kind of broke where a person can't afford to buy food anymore.

Reports earlier in the week indicated that the IRS had gone into Tori's bank accounts to drain it of $700,000 which isn't a small amount. She has a wealthy family according to sources, so she'll probably be fine anyways!

The bad news for Tori comes just after the actress and reality star has welcomed her fifth child. Not only that but Spelling's husband McDermott is being sued for child support for thousands of dollars.

Another source claims that Tori and her husband, Dean McDermott, owe American Express more than $100,000.

Despite her financial troubles, Tori said in an interview recently that she has a bit of a "house fetish." Apparently, the actress loves to buy new homes, and they're "forever on the hunt for a big 'forever' family home."

The Scary Movie performer wrote a book in 2013 called, Spelling It Like It Is, where she claimed it was no mystery why she always has money problems.

She grew up extremely wealthy and a simple lifestyle never seemed possible. The actress was never able to let go of her "expensive tastes."

To support her "house fetish," the actress is planning on starting a new reality TV show. The performer said, "all my fans are missing seeing the kids on a daily basis."

She continued to say she has two very distinct sides that are constantly in opposition to one another. One side wants her to stay at home as a mom, and the other wants her to build a business empire.

It looks like she may need to develop another side that stops her from buying so many houses.

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