Tori Spelling Addresses The Rumors She'll Join RHOBH!

Tori Spelling Addresses The Rumors She'll Join RHOBH!
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The actress is addressing the rumors that she will be joining the cast of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. So will fans get to see Tori Spelling on their small screens as a reality TV star or not?

You may have heard some gossip saying that the 46 year old wanted to be on RHOBH and was actually actively trying to get the spot.

However, as it turns out, there is no truth in these speculations since the actress herself said so.

While at the Disney on Ice Holiday Skating Party earlier today, she chatted with E! News, responding to that very burning question – Is she about to become a Housewife or not?

‘That [rumor] keeps following me, and I've always said I'm just a huge fan. But no, not at all. I am friends with so many of then and I am a huge fan. I always say that I watch the show. But no, I've never asked to be on the show,’ Tori shared with the news outlet.

She went on to admit that even though fans have faith in her and think she would be a great addition to the series, Tori believes she ‘would get eaten alive on that show. I'm too nice. The drama that I like is like my family chaos at home and, you know who is watching what and who wants to eat what for dinner? I cannot deal with girl drama.’

As for her actual plans for 2020, Tori shared that she will continue to star and produce alongside her BFF, Jennie Garth.

The actress teased that there is something special in the works for next year that is yet to be announced so you can look forward to that!


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