Top Gun: Maverick Postponed Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

Top Gun: Maverick Postponed Due To Coronavirus Pandemic
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Festivals, concerts, and movie premieres have been either canceled or postponed in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. It turns out that Tom Cruise's latest movie, Top Gun: Maverick , is just another film that was rescheduled on account of COVID-19.

Entertainment Tonight reported on a statement from Paramount Pictures in which the studio revealed they would be pushing the release date back because of the virus. Fans of Top Gun were eagerly awaiting Tom Cruise to come back to the big screen, however, it looks like they'll have to wait even longer.

According to ET, Top Gun: Maverick, will come out on the 23rd of December, Wednesday. The outlet claims Tom will return to the big screen alongside Glen Powell, Miles Teller, Jon Hamm, and Jennifer Connelly.

As it was noted above, Top Gun isn't the only movie to face a postponement. Earlier this year, it was revealed that the new James Bond movie, No Time To Die , would be pushed back until November of this year.

Reports indicated that the move was costly for the studios, who spent months promoting and marketing the film which was supposed to be released this month. Initially, it was only canceled in China due to the coronavirus first starting there.

However, once the coronavirus began spreading to other countries, including the United States, the studios announced they would be canceling its release. The world has seen the cancelation of many festivals and movie premieres, including Coachella and South By Southwest Film Festival.

Furthermore, the president of the Cannes Film Festival announced they were considering postponing the prestigious event earlier this year if the pandemic didn't ease up, but it wasn't long before the organizers confirmed it would be pushed back as well.

Spike Lee, who will act as the very first African-American to lead the Cannes Film Festival jury, confirmed with a media outlet that the festival was postponed and said he was supportive of the organizers' decisions. Yesterday, Justin Bieber, as well, released a statement claiming he would be moving his Changes Tour too.

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