Top Doc Claims Prince Harry Will Be Bald By 50! What Does Meghan Markle Think?

Top Doc Claims Prince Harry Will Be Bald By 50! What Does Meghan Markle Think?
Source: Life & Style

Prince Harry might be sporting a new look soon. A top-notch doctor in the UK says Harry is losing his hair faster than ever, and he's not trying to hide it amid his marital bliss with former Suits star Meghan Markle . If Harry keeps up his current pace, the doc believes he could be completely bald by the time he hits 50.

The medical expert, Dr. Asim Shahmalak, works out of the Crown Clinic, a Manchester based operation that concentrates on hair loss. Based on his experience, men usually stop covering up hair loss once they get into a committed relationship. Harry seems to be following this rule.

Last week, Harry and Markle visited Australia and photos from their trip show that Harry's hair loss may have already begun.

Harry's old bald patch is present in some of the images, though it looks like it has extended a little farther back than normal. If the hair loss does not slow down, it is possible that Harry will look drastically different when he reaches 50 years old.

According to Daily Mail , Dr. Shahmalak shared a photo of what Harry might look like at 50, and the amount of baldness is shocking.

"There has been a significant acceleration of his baldness in the last year and Harry is now losing his hair as rapidly as his brother William," Shahmalak explained.

Harry has made little to no effort to disguise his baldness. Dr. Shahmalak believes this is a sign that he is comfortable in his marriage with Markle and not an indication that he is overly stressed.

While Harry seems at peace with his hair loss, Dr. Shahmalak thinks his beard could be a way to compensate for the lack of hair on top. Many men feel reassured by growing a beard, especially if they start losing hair on their scalp.

Of course, baldness kind of runs in the family for Prince Harry, so losing his hair is probably something he came to terms with a long time ago.


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