Tony Yayo Calls DMX A 'Crackhead' In Response To His Lyrical Criticisms

Tony Yayo Calls DMX A 'Crackhead' In Response To His Lyrical Criticisms
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During a relatively new conversation with Fat Man Scoop, DMX was asked if he was a fan of Lloyd Banks, and the rapper said in response, "Lloyd Banks? Lyrical?" Hot New Hip Hop claims that DMX couldn't even find four bars he liked.

Lloyd Banks later found out about DMX's comments and wondered why he was even being mentioned in the first place. Reportedly, DMX actually confused Lloyd Banks with Tony Yayo. Put simply, DMX was talking about Tony Yayo rather than Banks, making the situation all the more confusing.

Not long after the controversy ensued, DMX wrote a formal apology in which he said it takes a "real n*gga" to admit when he's wrong. The rapper went on to say that he was thinking about Tony Yayo, rather than Lloyd Banks.

DMX went on to say that he "f*ck(s) with Banks!" Obviously, Tony had something to say about it. On the 29th of May, Tony Yayo wrote that DMX was a "crack head," and no one really cared what he thinks anyway, alongside a crying laughing emoji.

Obviously, Yayo is referring to DMX's recent rehab stint. On the 13th of October, 2019, Ron Collins reported that DMX went into rehab around the same time as his canceled performance at Def Jam's 35th Anniversary Party in Williamsburg.

Collins reported last year that DMX's decision came as a sudden shock to others in the industry, especially the organizers who, at the last minute, had to find someone to fill his spot. Jadakiss and Fabolous went on to "save the day," however.

The Shade Room later explained that DMX had to bail on the performance because he checked himself into rehab. Many commenters discussed the incident on Twitter, saying that they were glad to hear he was doing ok and was getting help to get his life back in order.

Another commenter explained that addiction was just a symptom of a much deeper psychological issue that needs addressing. Fans of DMX know that he has struggled on a number of fronts over the last decades, including financially.

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