Toni Braxton's Sisters Talk About Her Relationship With Birdman - Are They Still Engaged?

Toni Braxton's Sisters Talk About Her Relationship With Birdman - Are They Still Engaged?
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During an interview with HollywoodLife, Traci and Towanda Braxton talked about their sister Toni’s relationship status! That being said, are Toni Braxton and Birdman really engaged or not?

Fans know very little about their romance and it seems like not even Toni’s sisters are all caught up.

What it is known is that they got engaged sometime in or before February of 2018.

However, some ambiguous posts on social media have gotten people to believe that they are no longer an item.

When asked about it, the two Braxton sisters replied: ‘We don’t know, sorta!’

Towanda went on to say: ‘Listen, we’re in this together guys, okay. We know that they’re together, sorta, kinda, maybe. If they get married, we’re just going to be there. I just told Toni, ‘Just let me know what your date is and then I’ll show up.’ Because, I’m not planning anything ever again.’

At least they assured the fans that there would be more stuff revealed in this Braxton Family Values season.

As you know, Birdman and Toni were in a relationship for a couple of years before their engagement but it is not sure when exactly the man got on one knee.

That being said, Toni tweeted that she was engaged for the first time back in February.

They made their romance red carpet official at the BET Awards, in 2016.

While some cryptic messages online have suggested that they split, their breakup was never confirmed.

Either way, for those who thought they were over, it came as a surprise when Birdman surprised Toni at one of her shows.

The star welcomed him with open arms, literally, and took him backstage.


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