Toni Braxton's Fans Are Freaking Out Following This Photo That She Shared: 'Does This Mean She Has It?'

Toni Braxton's Fans Are Freaking Out Following This Photo That She Shared: 'Does This Mean She Has It?'
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Toni Braxton made a lot of her fans freak out after sharing a photo on her social media account in which she's wearing a mask. People hopped in the comments asking whether she has the virus considering that she is wearing a mask.

The WHO advised only people who are diagnosed with coronavirus or the ones who are close to infected individuals to wear the mask.

The truth is that even though WHO said this, there are various people who are perfectly healthy who are still wearing masks. So maybe this is the case for Toni as well. Check out her pic below.

A follower asked: 'Does that mean she has it I thought they said u only wear a mask if I got the virus, not as a preventative measure.'

Someone said: 'I work at a hospital, and I can show you the PPE equipment needed. We have airborne room on our Ortho trach Ent unit, and we gave pictures of whats need if we have a patient with the disease.'

Another follower posted this: 'she has to be careful as well. She has a health issue, so I think she is taking precautions.'

One follower said: 'if your immune system is not strong, you also need to protect yourself,' and another fan posted this: 'we have lupus, which means we basically have no immune system. 💜'

A commenter wrote: 'But if the masks don’t work how is it protecting us?? I would so wear one everywhere if the experts said it would actually do something. So far though, we’ve been told the only purpose of wearing it is if you have it and are trying to protect others from your virus.'

Someone else also highlighted that 'she has lupus she needs to protect herself.'

A follower wrote this: 'some people don’t show signs of it and go out not knowing they have it or some people cough and still go out not wearing a mask. I was at store people coughing all over the place I got the flu-like that. So I’m taking a real good guess that they want to limit the amount of masks that were purchasing. Let’s just think about that one. People were actually stealing masks from clinics and hospitals. It was insane!'

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