Toni Braxton's Fans Are Blasting Her For The Way She Acted Towards Her Sister, Traci Braxton - People Call Her A Bully

Toni Braxton's Fans Are Blasting Her For The Way She Acted Towards Her Sister, Traci Braxton - People Call Her A Bully
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Toni Braxton is also celebrating the sixth birthday of Logan, Tamar Braxton's boy. In order to mark the event, she shared a video on her social media account.

But, after the latest episode of Braxton Family Values, fans are disappointed in Toni, and they used her comments section to explain why and slammed her really hard. It involves her and Tamar's sister, Traci.

Someone told her: 'I’m really disappointed in all of you after watching tonight’s episode smh year after year after year y’all continue to mistreat Traci it’s very sad 😕'

Another follower said: 'You were wrong for the way you treat your sister Traci.'

Someone told Toni: 'Now, what we NOT gonna do is coming under Toni's commentary and start blaming Toni on what went down with the sisters on the show...Toni had ALWAYS supported ALL of her sisters & Toni has ALWAYS been the ONE who is the peacemaker into having to make all the sisters come together and resolve any issues that they have. Way before this show had started Toni had done EVERYTHING IN HER POWER to help ALL her sisters get the same shine & spotlight that she has (Such as placing them into music videos, getting them a record deal, put them on tour with her etc...). Even though we all don't really know what happened and we are just looking outside from within, but in all honesty, Toni DOESN'T owe her sisters NO EXPLANATION except for her love & support. 💯'

One other person asked Toni: 'Why did you dismiss Traci like that? Didn’t matter if Trina was there or not. That moment was necessary, and you took it from her. Smh.'

An Instagrammer was also upset and posted this: 'Why are you so quick to throw Traci away!! You don't continuously gang up on someone where its 4v1. Cause guess what? You said you were bullied growing up, so why try to make Traci feel less then!! You know how it feels to have your power taken from you!!'

In other news, Toni revealed to her fans that she began supporting a new campaign: the Lupus LA Awareness Campaign and people have been praising her initiative.

Have you seen the latest episode of Braxton Family Values? Do you agree with the accusations brought against Toni?


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