Toni Braxton's Engagement Ring Stolen!

Toni Braxton's Engagement Ring Stolen!
Source: Tech World News

This doesn't look good. After reporting that her luggage was left behind, Toni Braxton now says that her engagement ring has been 'borrowed!'

The singer is on a press tour promoting her album, tour, and new Lifetime movie. She took to Twitter to contact Delta Airlines in order to tell them that she left a Louis Vuitton Bag at JFK Airport in New York.

"Hey @ Delta I left my LV train case on my flight from JFK to LAX on Tuesday. It’s been impossible to get any type of assistance from anyone in the company! Can someone let delta know I’m trying to get in contact w/them?I’ve tried to no avail  pls help you’re my favorite airlines."

The legendary singer garnered an immediate response from the company online.

"Toni, so sorry to hear that you've lost an item while traveling with us. I want to help and I plan to do all possible to locate your train case. Please DM your confirmation number for further assistance. *HCA."

It turns out that Braxton was able to make contact but with even worse news. Her engagement ring has been stolen.

Birdman's fiance begged for the person who is in possession of her $5 million giant rock.

"Hey everyone, @delta located my LV Train Case! Yay! Unfortunately most of my jewelry items are missing...including MY ENGAGEMENT RING! Whoever BORROWED it...PLEEEASE return it!!!!  I promise, no questions asked!"


This news comes just weeks after Toni revealed that she and Birdman were having issues in their relationship because she has yet to set a date to their highly anticipated wedding.

Birdman allegedly told his lady love that he won't wait forever to marry her so she has until the end of the year to make up her mind.

Do you think Toni's ring will be returned? Why do you think she had it in her luggage to begin with?


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  • Lyn
    Lyn Nov 20, 2018 6:27 PM PST

    Delta Airlines will locate video of Toni with the ring, on her finger. Hopefully, the Bird had insurance policy on it cuz Toni not returning.. allegedly

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