Toni Braxton Speaks On The Future Of Braxton Family Values Now That Tamar Braxton And WE TV Have Cut Ties

Toni Braxton Speaks On The Future Of Braxton Family Values Now That Tamar Braxton And WE TV Have Cut Ties
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Braxton Family Values is like any other reality show on television -- it can be the make or break between all sorts of relationships whether it's romantic or otherwise. Tamar Braxton has often spoken out by saying that the series ruined her family.

It was already unknown if the show would return for another season before, but the fate of the program seems even rockier due to Tamar's recent mental health crisis .

After filming her spin-off show that has been pushed back, she allegedly attempted to take her life. In a frantic 911 call, her boyfriend David Odefeso explained that she had been having problems with the network for quite some time.

There was talk that both Tamar and David became upset with how her relationship was portrayed on the extended trailer.

Although you would think that WE TV would scrap the series altogether, they are premiering the first episode this Thursday. Many assume that the show has been edited over.


According to reports, Tamar is free of her contract and does not have to work with the network anymore. So, with all the events that have unfolded, what does this mean for Braxton Family Values?

Toni Braxton was recently on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show where she explained: 'My sister Tamar had a little situation, but it’s not my business to tell her business. But I can say that our family is doing so much better, we’re in a healthier place. And, I have to tell people that mental illness is not a joke. If anybody in your family is sad, you need to listen to them. It’s not always drama, sometimes is just sadness.'

The songstress revealed that their priority is with Tamar's situation. However, before the emergency -- they were filming during quarantine.

'We were filming, even during the pandemic we’ve been filming. We came up with a clever idea and it’s been working out very well.'

Hopefully, Tamar is putting her mental health first and feeling the love from her family.


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  • Isabelle
    Isabelle Sep 7, 2020 1:45 AM PDT

    Forget BFV ...did y’all see the FIRST LOOK of GET YA LIFE?!?! CLEARLY…the day TAY-TAY stepped up in Mona Scott’s Office & had to be buzzed in through LOCKED-DOORS SHE WAS FEELING INSECURE AS SHE KNEW SHE WAS ABOUT TO STOOP REAL LOW & BECOME APART OF THE “LOVE & HIP HOP” ARENA!!! But Mona CLEARLY gave her a way out before signing that contract but Tamar was ALL IN even shedding crocodile tears about why she was ALL IN!!! I don’t feel ONE OUNCE OF EMPATHY for Tamar as she continues to make bad decisions for the glitz & glamour lifestyle!!! David can actually afford that lifestyle but money & fame doesn’t make him like it controls TAMAR’s MIND BODY & SPIRIT!!! STAY TUNED & THANK YOU WETV for airing the show, because Tamar has to grow up & take accountability for her actions!!! Business is Business and if she keeps putting hers out on display...we’ll surely keep watching for the DRAMA & Entertainment!

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