Toni Braxton Sings Along With Her Rock Crush From College - See The Video!

Toni Braxton Sings Along With Her Rock Crush From College - See The Video!
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Toni Braxton shared a video in which she's singing together with Steven Tyler, and she looks bomb. She told her fans that she felt like she was back in college, and she revealed to her followers that he used to be her rock band crush. Check out this sweet video below.

'Living on the edge with @iamstevent tonight! 🥰 I feel like I was in college again! He was my rock band crush! He’s a rock star for real!' Tonic captioned her clip that she shared on IG.

Someone told her: 'You just keep looking younger & younger! 😩 My goodness.'

One follower shaded Toni regarding the AMAs and said this: 'Disappointed She lip sync at the AMA Awards😞'

A diehard fan quickly jumped into the comments and defended Toni: 'She didn't. One of her makeup artists heard that ppl thought she lip-sync, and she said that is not true at all she was singing. and what does her AMA performance have anything to do with this post of her having fun at a rock concert?! Girl BYE!'

Another fan gushed over the star and said: 'The duck lips and the hand twirl got me weak, but you look so pretty. can you stop being so gorgeous for God's sake? ( Mrs.E voice)'

Another follower praised Toni's gorgeous looks and said: 'Toni, you look so good girl you look like you was in college again beautiful black woman.'

Another fan talked about Steven as well and said, 'He’s an old handsome man still... a real definition of rockstar 🌍🎸... one for life... #stevetyler @iamstevent great performance @tonibraxton to the both of you.'

Speaking of the AMAs, Toni looked amazing at this year’s American Music Awards.

She made sure to share a few videos and pics on her social media account, flaunting her gorgeous looks.

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