Toni Braxton Shares Her Biggest Secret In Head-Spinning Video

Toni Braxton Shares Her Biggest Secret In Head-Spinning Video
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Toni Braxton has gone viral, thanks to her latest gig. The diva has been sharing beauty tutorials for Vogue , and she made a huge splash with her first video.

Toni explained that to rejuvenate under-eyes, she uses a vibrator to massage her face.

The Grammy Award-winning singer joked in her Vogue Beauty Secrets video that she did not use the vibrator anywhere else other than her face and added: "This thing right here, okay, it is… I'm gonna be honest, and it is a vibrator. It is, it is a vibrator, but I call it a face tingler, it just tingles the muscles in my face to get them activated and working."

She went on to say: "Sometimes I put it in the freezer, and it gets really cold. I just kind of rub it, and it just activates all those muscles. Get 'em together. We are working today. Under my eyes, they are really important to me."

While doing her makeup and hair, the talented singer shared: "I haven't used it on anything else other than my face, okay, just FYI. This has got the little ball here, which is perfect. Sometimes I put it in the freezer…this is really cold; I just kinda rub it, and it just activates all those muscles, get them together. We are working today. We are going to be cute today."

In a recent interview, the entertainer revealed that she uses CBD-infused products on her skin.

She confessed: "I didn't know anything about CBD products. I just thought I'd try this product, and then from there, I learned about it and started educating myself, and I love it. I'm on so many medications right now for lupus, so it's nice to have something that helps that isn't another medication."

One fan said: "Well, I mean, if Toni says it works, it must! I mean LOOK AT HER 😍on my way to buy my "face tingler" right neooow 😭💀."

This backer wrote: "Hey, 🤷🏽‍♀️If I pay; however, I'll use it; however, I see fit! 🤣Looking gorg as always ❤️."

This person revealed: "Now, I know this. I can't stop laughing when you apply it to your face. 🤣🤣💕💕😩😍Sisters are so special. Praying for TayTay. Nothing looks wrong about you here. Lovely."

Tamar Braxton's sister knows to have an impact online.

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