Toni Braxton Reveals To Her Fans That She's Feeling Better - Check Her Out Tickling The Piano

Toni Braxton Reveals To Her Fans That She's Feeling Better - Check Her Out Tickling The Piano
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Toni Braxton made her fans freak out a while ago when she shared a video on her social media in which she was wearing a mask, and she was telling her fans that she is sick. Check out the video that she shared on her social media account while she is playing the piano.

'How y’all feelin? #quarantine I’m feeling SO MUCH BETTER! Thought I’d tickle the 🎹 tonight. From me with 💕' Toni captioned her post.

Someone said: 'Awww man, I thought you were about to give us an IG show,' and another follower posted this: 'This just made me happy!!! Glad you're feeling better Toni!💜 I love you!😘'

A commenter wrote: 'You shampooed ya hair....🤦🏽‍♀️ Hardheaded like my mom LOLOL! BUT I’m GLAD you’re feeling better TB❤️ That’s actually one of my fav songs esp with Kenny G on Sax,' and one other fan posted: 'Toni is so fine she could give me the corona, and I wouldn’t care.'

A fan told GToni that they are 'waiting for the self-quarantine live from u and Babyface !!!' and one otheer follower said: 'Oooh, that would be great!!! Hearing you sing your songs with the piano would be lovely. 💙'

A follower wrote: 'You are so beautifully gifted Love you and your family so much take care of the boys and get back with their dad Stay blessed.'

Someone else said: 'Love you and your beautiful spirit always have god bless s you keep you safe,' and a follower posted: 'I am here for Quarantine Sessions, The Pink Hairclip Edition.'

Toni's fans are happy that she's doing better these days after they were shocked when she announced that she was sick .

As you probably know by now, Toni has lupus, and this means that her immunity is really weak. People with weak immunity are at more risk in front of the coronavirus.

That’s the reason for which fans have been telling Toni to watch out for her health these days.

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