Toni Braxton Reveals Fans What Her Calming Routine Includes

Toni Braxton Reveals Fans What Her Calming Routine Includes
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Toni Braxton has been promoting CBD products for quite a while now. She told her fans once again that these products are a part of her calming routine, and she shared the following clip on her social media account.

Toni has been a fan of these CBD products for a really long time, and she keeps advertising them for fans on her social media account.

'I really need peace ☮️ these days, and my calming routine includes the @unclebuds_hemp Hand Sanitizer and CBD Rose Gold face masks from,' Toni captioned her post.

Someone said: 'Toni, can you do a Q&A with your fans we miss you😔🙏🏽 Please?' and one other follower posted this message: 'I’m so glad you put us on to Uncle Buds Hemp! Hand Sanitizer is CLUTCH!!! Provides me with peace of mind for sure!!! Plus it makes my hands feel smooth😊'

A commenter wrote: 'Love the hand sanitizer!! I plan to purchase the facial wash next. Maybe I’ll try this mask too. Thanks for sharing ❤️'

One other fan said: 'Thanks for introducing uncle buds hemp to us toni. I bought some for my aunt and she really likes it!'

Someone else wrote: 'You are Great Toni, I had a crush on you when I was a Teenager and had all your CDs and loved your music and I have many fond memories that I enjoyed very much & your Music made it very special to me, and I thank you.'

A fan told Toni: 'I got 2 of em! I like it a lot but the only thing is is that it sort of leaves these little residue “jelly-like” pieces on your hands. Other than that, I'm pleased with my purchase,' and another excited follower said: 'I was thinking about buying the rose gold face mask. I have really sensitive skin so I'm a little hesitant but I guess I'll give it a try.'

Someone else said: 'I can't wait to try out some of these wonderful products. I'm sending love peace and joy Ur way LADY TONI.'

Toni's fans have been worried about her health these days, because, as you know, she has lupus – an autoimmune disorder that makes her really vulnerable in front of the novel coronavirus.

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