Toni Braxton Regrets Not Fooling Around With Men More When She Was A Younger Woman

Toni Braxton Regrets Not Fooling Around With Men More When She Was A Younger Woman

Page Six says that Toni Braxton recently came out to express one of her biggest life regrets. The performing artist this week spoke with reporters from The Guardian about her life as a young woman, and how she wishes she would've had a lot more sex.

Braxton claims she should've messed around with men a lot more. She should've "drank more," she "should've partied more," and "smoked more." The star went on to say that her "religious upbringing" played a crucial role in her living a more subdued lifestyle.

Braxton claims it doesn't look so good when you're in your 40s and 50s still partying and living the same lifestyle, however, when you're in your twenties and thirties, it's socially acceptable. She joked that the purpose of your 40s is to pay for the therapy for the previous decades.

According to Braxton , she grew up in a very religious household, and they had strict rules against having sex before marriage. She says when she was seven years old, her family was religious, and they were Jehovah's Witnesses before moving on to Catholicism.

They tried every kind of religion until they eventually decided to practice the United Methodist faith. The star says she once asked her mother what they were searching for, and her mom told her it was the 1970s, and a lot of people were looking for "the right path."

Braxton, these days, claims she doesn't subscribe to a particular religion, but she does believe there is a "greater force" in the universe. In the same interview, Toni shared how she was discovered as an artist.

She was in a gas station one day singing to herself, and a songwriter came up to her and said he liked her voice. William E. Pettaway Junior, who wrote "Girl You Know It's True," from Milli Vanilli , came up to her and told her he wanted to cut a demo with her.

Braxton claims she understands how the story sounds to most people; as if it's a Hollywood myth. No one believes it, but it's 100% true, Toni explained.

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