Toni Braxton Praises Her Son, Denim Kole Braxton Lewis - He Just Graduated!

Toni Braxton Praises Her Son, Denim Kole Braxton Lewis - He Just Graduated!
Credit: BET

Toni Braxton could not be prouder of her son, Denim Kole Braxton Lewis. Check out her message that she shared on social media:

'Proud mom of Denim Kole Braxton Lewis, Class of 2020. @denimbraxton 🎓' Toni captioned her post.

Someone said: 'A lot of fans congratulated the young boy and sent him only good vibes,' and a follower posted this message: 'You’re such an amazing mother Toni🙌🏼 Congrats on your first graduate.'

Tamar Braxton also hopped in the comments to show love.

She also posted a message on her own social media account in roder to mark the event. Check it out below.

'I remember gaining 25 pounds when your mother was pregnant with you cause she made me eat everything she did. 🙄... i did it cause We all knew she was carrying someone amazing and special. We were right! you were finally born and had a personality that was so awesome and infectious. The same energy you have today‼️ I’m so proud of the young black man you are. And also all of the goals you have set. The ones I know you will meet. Just make sure that the ones behind you and along with you that don’t have the same opportunities, and drive as of yet, that you will fight that much harder for... for them and to be an example to keep on keeping on‼️ congratulations Denim❤️ #classof2020 🙏🏼 i can’t believe how old your mom is😂😩' Tamar wrote on her IG account.

A follower said: 'Congratulations, Denim! Tamar, you tried the shit outta Toni,' and someone else posted this message: 'Lmao the shade Congrats Denim.'

Someone else posted: 'This was beautifully written @tamarbraxton words of encouragement not only for Denim but something we can all learn from...much love to you and the family and Congratulations Denim. God bless yall ❤️'

Not too long ago, Toni impressed her fans with a loving message for her sons that she publicly shared on her social media account.


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