Toni Braxton Looks Gorgeous For Her Date Night And Her Sisters, Trina And Tamar Are Here For It

Toni Braxton Looks Gorgeous For Her Date Night And Her Sisters, Trina And Tamar Are Here For It
Credit: Complex

Toni Braxton shared a photo which showed her date night look, just the other day. Her photo looks just like a perfume commercial as some of her fans pointed out.

Anyway, Birdman is one lucky fellow, considering how amazing Toni looks.

Check out her photo below.

Her sisters, Tamar Braxton, and Trina Braxton hopped in the comments to praise their sis, and they posted a bunch of emojis next to Toni's picture.

Fans are not sure whether Toni is still with Birdman or not, and they asked her to update them on her relationship status with him.

Somoene said, 'i literally have seen Toni wear the same necklace every day for the last ten years.'

Another follower posted, 'Ur song unbreak my heart makes me cry every time after the death of my husband.'

Someone praised her and said: 'You are perfect, absolutely beautiful !!! This should be an ad for your perfume !!! Toni, you are breathtaking.'

One fan guessed the perfume that Toni's wearing in the photo: 'Toni is using Carolina Herrera Good Girl perfume ❤'

A follower wrote, 'I know that’s right ahead Toni date night I know that’s right date night on a Friday where your boo.'

Just recently Toni was slammed for the way she acted towards her sister, but she addressed the TV series to let people know that things are good between all of them.

She had an interview with Hollywood Life, and she talked about the relationship with her family members.

‘We’re family. We grew up together. We always like to play and laugh and giggle. It doesn’t feel like we’re working. Often we forget that the cameras aren’t actually on,’ she reportedly said.


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  • Marley
    Marley Jun 16, 2019 12:44 PM PDT

    I still don’t think Birdman is right for her but Toni likes a Bad Boy with deep pockets so GOOD LUCK WITH THAT THING!!!

  • Idele Dawson
    Idele Dawson Jun 15, 2019 3:10 PM PDT

    Tamar needs to act her age, n take a few eloquett classes, nc she try's to be someone she isn't! The woman can sing, but her heart is like a rock👀

  • LT
    LT Jun 15, 2019 12:01 PM PDT

    Lies and drama always make for good watching. Go figure!

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