Toni Braxton Looks Ageless As She Parties With Tamar In Stunning Photos -- Fans Are Busy Debating Vincent Herbert's Ex's Plastic Surgery

Toni Braxton Looks Ageless As She Parties With Tamar In Stunning Photos -- Fans Are Busy Debating Vincent Herbert's Ex's Plastic Surgery
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Tamar Braxton had her wish. She had an amazing birthday party and her ageless sister, talented diva Toni Braxton, was present to help her celebrate the big day.

Over the weekend, Tamar celebrated her 42nd birthday in a very fun and wild way.

The singer and TV host originally took a lavish vacation for her special day, but things did not work out as planned.

In a series of new photos and videos that Vincent Herbert's ex-wife posted online, she can be seen having the time of her life with a group of friends and her living legend sister, Toni.

The entire conversation in the comment section in about Tamar's face and her latest plastic surgery.

One person said: "Well, her face been looking real puffy lately. Her face doesn't look right. I'm not the only one who notices it. Her face use to look natural before.he has always had high cheekbones... I honestly think it’s the contour makeup look that makes it seem like she had implants.. they aren’t as noticeable when she isn’t wearing makeup.. but hey, you never know.."

Another commenter stated: "Seems like she's had fillers that changed her facial features. She'll stop when she starts to look like something out of Star wars no😎."

A fan said to leave Tamar alone: "Happy birthday to my favorite artist. just say happy birthday and move on. People are so negative on social media 🙄."

This supporter wrote: "If people cannot accept how The Most High created them. If they chose to look like and artificial manikin why call on Jesus. Not just her alot of singers, actors etc. Choose artificial man injection to beautify themselves. Its call a lack love and self-worth of themselves. Someone may respond an I do not really care. I love how The Most High, God/Goddess and the creator of the universe allow me to be created and I accept how I look, it does not matter how people think or feel, I love me how I was created and not how man have created other things to reconstruct your face and body. So they say God/Goddess created us in his/her image. He /she will not be acceptable to what they have destroyed. Yes, the spirit, as they say, is totally different from the flesh. People quick to quote the bible: Your soul is dead because you live in sin. The bible also states do not devour your temple ( body) yet we justify what man says, they only you can correct this or that you have to do this or that to correct the problem. Yet they tell us this is unhealthy and that is unhealthy. You must eat this or eat that. Yet they tell God/Goddess creations are not healthy yet the uses all what they tell you not to eat or drink. In this world today God/Goddess VS Man, God/Goddess has no chance of winning."

Do you think Tamar had plastic surgery?

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