Toni Braxton Leaves Nothing To The Imagination With Grammy Awards Dress -- Pictures Reveal That Birdman's Engagement Ring Is Where It Should Be

Toni Braxton Leaves Nothing To The Imagination With Grammy Awards Dress -- Pictures Reveal That Birdman's Engagement Ring Is Where It Should Be
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Toni Braxton left little to the imagination as she attended the 2019 Grammy Awards. The event took place Sunday night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

Toni opted for a sheer blue gown that showed lots of skin, but that was not the headline -- the huge engagement ring that fiancé and rapper Birdman gave to her. The ring was originally lost while traveling via a Delta flight.

The Braxton Family Values star, who calls her ring Bonnie, explained: “Hey everyone, @delta located my LV Train Case! Yay! Unfortunately, most of my jewelry items are missing…including MY ENGAGEMENT RING! Whoever BORROWED it…PLEEEASE return it!!!! I promise, no questions asked!”

She later added: “Feeling back to my old self again, yay! But I’m sad today 😢 my engagement ring is missing 😞 , but I’m optimistic that someone will find Bonnie and return her home!”

Delta responded by: "Hi Toni. I am so sorry to hear this and my sincere apologies. I see that you were in contact with a team member at the airport. One moment please as I look into this. *HAN."

The loss of the ring took a toll on Toni's romance because she split from the Young Money mogul soon after. However last month, the estranged couple reunited while Toni was performing in Atlanta.

Fans are excited that Toni and Birdman have gotten re-engaged and their large wedding will take place soon.

Toni explained: “This is my second wedding, and I’m over 40 – it’s like Carrie Bradshaw, the last bride over 40 – so I want something that’s elegant and a little sexy. I’ve already done the beautiful bell dress at my first wedding,” she said. “This time, I want something that’s more vintage – ’20s and ’30s like Great Gatsby-themed.”

One fan said: "Toni is always serving!!!!! Just disrespectful. The real winner !! Living Legend !!! ♥️👸🏽The engagement must be back on ❤️Toni that was your award you deserve every bit of it that album you made was everything and you are a living legend F the Grammys for giving an award to EP album!!!!"

Another commenter stated: "Toni the mfn living legend 🔥Toni badder than a 3 year old.4. I see Toni found that ring."

This fan wrote: "Hey Ring! 👋🏾👋🏾 on Toni Braxton Living Legend 👀. I love me some Toni 😍😍Toni Braxton one of the greatest singers of all-time❤️may God keep blessing us with her great voice."

While Toni did not win a Grammy for her latest album, she stopped the show with her outfit.

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  • Danyelle
    Danyelle Feb 11, 2019 9:19 AM PST

    I wish Toni realizes that showing a lot of skin does not make you sexy. Sexiness comes from within. I would love to see her wear a gown that's a lot more classy and tasteful. She'll still be sexy I'm sure. She's 50 yrs old. I would think she would have outgrown trying to get so much attention by revealing so much body parts.

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