Toni Braxton Has Some Goodies For Her Fans - Check Out Her Recent Video

Toni Braxton Has Some Goodies For Her Fans - Check Out Her Recent Video
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Toni Braxton's fans already know that she's a fan of hemp products, and she's been advertising these for a really long time now. Just recently, she hopped on her social media account and posted the following video, featuring a discount for her online followers. Check out what's this all about below:

'Fresh off the set of my latest @unclebuds_hemp campaign I have some goodies for you! use code TONI20 In the link above for a lil discount just for my Tigerz ✨😘' Toni captioned her video.

Fans seemed really excited about the products in the comments and they also praised Toni's beauty.

Someone said: 'Your inner and outer beauty is breathtaking, time stood still, your eyes and smile are exquisite treasures, a source of pure refreshment. You are an exquisite radiant future goddess you are Dancing under the moon.'

One follower asked: 'Toni when will you age??? I mean, you are a true beauty 💜💜💜 love you gal,' and someone said: 'Toni, I am going to need your fingers as well. Tucker.'

Someone else posted this: 'Toni, I started a therapeutic play for children with autism,' and another follower gushed over Toni and told her: 'Well, use whatever you use because you always look so amazing, love! ❤️'

A follower asked the singer: 'Toni. Record a song for them and put on I tunes, and I’ll buy it. I miss your talented sultry voice. We need more Toni music. Legend. 🤗💕 Fan since 92!!!'

Someone else said this about the products: 'The most trusted, affordable, & accessible CBD & Hemp products!'

In other news,  Toni finally shared her look that she had at the Grammys and she was mesmerizing as always.

She wore a pink dress, which was quite revealing , and fans were all here for this jaw-dropping looks.

Toni definitely managed to leave her fans in awe.

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