Toni Braxton Has An Emotional Message For Her Fans

Toni Braxton Has An Emotional Message For Her Fans
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Toni Braxton shared the following message for her fans on social media amidst some pretty terrible times in which we live. Check it out below.

'Give people their flowers while they’re here. 🌹Love your loved ones,' Toni captioned her post.

Someone said: 'We love you, Toni Michele Braxton!❤' and another follower posted this: 'Right...Love your album Toni! Your voice sounds absolutely amazing.'

One other commenter wrote: 'Amen Because we will never know what tomorrow may bring. We always have to be prepared.'

Someone else said: 'Always do But some don’t appreciate... unfortunately,' and one follower posted this: 'We need to give you your flowers ms. Living legend Toni Braxton.'

A commenter said: 'With all we've seen in 2020, I simply don't know how some folks can still carry around hatred! Love is freedom and democracy! You're more liberated with love that its counterpart hate.'

Someone else said: 'That’s why I try to be a beacon of light in the lives of anyone I come across!! It’s so important to be KIND and spread positive vibes! YES, I make sure to love upon my loved ones daily! 2020 has made this even more visible! Thanks for sharing YOUR gift with us, Toni! Your imprint is not unfelt! Much Luv to you and the fam🙏🏽❤️'

A commenter posted this: 'True that. Life is sweet but SADLY short. Tomorrow’s never promised. Here’s a reminder that I will always give you your flowers 💐 while you’re still here T. I love & look up to you for infinity.'

Not too long ago, it’s been revealed that  Toni Braxton publicly  expressed her regrets  of not fooling around more when she was younger.

During this interview, the singer said that sex is something she wishes would’ve happened more often, at a younger age.


Lil Duval reacted to all these comments and you should check out what he had to say .

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