Toni Braxton Has A New Single Out Today - The Revealing Promo Photos Are Stunning!

Toni Braxton Has A New Single Out Today - The Revealing Promo Photos Are Stunning!
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Toni Braxton revealed to her fans that she would have a new single out today, and this made her fans thrilled. They've been waiting for some new music for a really long time.

Toni posted a few pics on her social media account that left fans in awe. Check them out below.

'“DO IT”✨New single out tomorrow. 🔗in bio to listen. 🤎' Toni was posting the other day on her social media account.

A follower exclaimed: 'Toni! You look beautiful!!' and someone else said: 'OMG. Always getting better! Congratulations 👏'

One other fan posted this: 'Toni out here looking like a full course [email protected],' and a commenter said: 'Toni Braxton you rock, you are one of my biggest inspiration when I'm down. I just listen to one of your songs and I'm back up! without people like you music would be nothing but rubbish. Love you so much.'

One excited fan could not be happier: 'Wait are you for real @tonibraxton this is not an April fools,' and another one of Toni's followers praised the song: 'Song sounds beautiful!! Wonderful job!!'

A commenter wrote: 'I’m in love!!! I will have this on repeat all day! Just like I do with all your other songs!!!!'

Someone else said: 'You are truly phenomenal. You're role and path are parallel to none. Thanks for sharing your talent @tonibraxton 💛'

One other follower posted this: 'I needed to hear this song in this moment of my life, thank you, Toni, for blessing us with your talent.'

A fan told the singer 'I love you, Toni, it’s been a 25-year journey with you and I really appreciate you.'

Toni recently proclaimed her love for her sister, Traci Braxton, for her birthday. She also celebrated her son, Diezel, and fans could not get enough of this young, good-looking man.

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