Toni Braxton Explains Why She Took Off Her Engagement Ring That's Still Missing!

Toni Braxton Explains Why She Took Off Her Engagement Ring That's Still Missing!
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Toni Braxton and Birdman seem to have broken up. The R&B legend visited 'Sister Circle' where she was interviewed by the hosts that included her little sister, Trina Braxton.

Last year, Toni took to social media in an effort to retrieve her engagement ring given to her by her then-fiance Birdman that costs over seven figures.

"Hey  @ Delta I left my LV train case on my flight from JFK to LAX on Tuesday. It’s been impossible to get any type of assistance from anyone in the company! Can someone let delta know I’m trying to get in contact w/them?I’ve tried to no avail  pls help you’re my favorite airlines."

Delta was able to get her the bag back but unfortunately -- her ring was missing.

Followers of the reality star only had one question in mind: If Toni wasn't working at the moment, why didn't she have her ring on her finger?"

Well, during her visit to the talk show, the mother of two cleared things up. Her reasoning as to why she wasn't wearing the ring was because her fingers swell due to her medical condition, Lupus.

"You know people beat me up about the ring. Okay, first of all, I did NOT check it into my luggage. It was in my train case. I’m on the plane. I’m in bulkhead. I’m in front and my train case it’s beside me. I put it on the ground. The Stewardess says, 'Can you put it in the overhead?' Took my ring off because my finger swells real bad because of my stupid Lupus," she began to explain.

"Put in this box the ring box. Put in the top. Then we left off. My assistant said, 'I got everything you go. He thought I had the train case. I thought he had it. And, so when we called Delta they said, 'Well, you need a number.' Like, I don’t have a number. I went to the airport myself and they said, 'We already sent to the luggage center.'"

Yikes. Hopefully, the music mogul is able to retrieve her jewel.

However, Toni did not reveal if the engagement is really off. What do you think about this situation?

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