Toni Braxton Debates The Efficiency Of Plaquenil Treatment For Coronavirus

Toni Braxton Debates The Efficiency Of Plaquenil Treatment For Coronavirus
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Plaquenil is a treatment that's been said to help in the case of coronavirus. More experts revealed that the medicine is very safe and it's been used by tens of millions of people all over the world since back in 1955.

Toni Braxton debated this issue on her social media account and has fans talking in the comments. Check out her recent post below.

It's extremely important to note the fact that this medicine also treats lupus and other health issues.

'What do you think about this? So much discussion about #plaquenil right now and if it can or cannot help #covid. @lupusla,' Toni captioned her post.

Someone said: 'I think Trump supporters who have the coronavirus should test it since they think it’ll work. and let the rest of us know how it turns out.'

An excited follower said: 'This drug works!!!! My mom had an extreme case of COVID-19 and was given this for 10 days when she was still in ICU and on a ventilator. This drug saved her life in conjunction with the amazing medical staff who worked tirelessly to take care of her.'

Someone else, on the other hand, posted this message: 'This is becoming annoying. Hydroxychloroquine is NOT A CURE/VACCINE for COVID-19 🤬I really wish they would stop pushing this medication as a medication for the coronavirus UNTIL IT IS THOROUGHLY VETTED AND PROVEN to be the solution for COVID-19. I understand people want to take precautionary measures, but it causes problems in the long run, especially for Lupus and arthritis patients.'

The same commenter from above continued and said: 'First Hydroxychloroquine is a LIFE-SAVING medication for Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and malaria-infected patients. Because of the misinformation, it is continuously becoming harder to get this medication filled. The CDC or FDA has NOT APPROVED this medication as a treatment and/or cure for COVID-19. However, it is approved for the conditions stated previously. Don’t contribute to the death or discomfort of one person to participate in the misinformed false of another. I encourage people to wait for the science and the research from the experts regarding Plaquemil and COVID-19. Let the CDC and FDA do their job. Let’s not try to solve one problem while we create another.'

One other follower also said that 'the downside is lupus patients are not getting regular refills they need now.'

What do you think regarding this debate involving Plaquenil?

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