Toni Braxton Can Melt Ice With New Photo Amid Claims She Faked Birdman Reunion

Toni Braxton Can Melt Ice With New Photo Amid Claims She Faked Birdman Reunion
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Um, Toni Braxton claims that she is so hot that she can melt ice and these pictures prove that is probably right.

Toni, who recently reunited with her fiancé, music mogul Birdman, is more confident than ever. The living legend took to social media and she shared a spectacular photo where she is wearing all black lace lingerie.

Tamar Braxton's big sister also promised her fans to melt the freezing snow that has paralyzed the Midwest.

Toni told her passionate supporters: "I heard it’s 21 degrees in Connecticut! 🥶Don’t worry; I’m bringing the heat with me tonight."

Last week, Toni made headlines after Birdman surprised her at a concert at the Fox Theater in Atlanta where they shared a hug and walked backstage together -- the move confirmed that they had reconciled.

An eyewitness told to E! News that the reunion might have been fake and added: "In person, it seemed that Toni Braxton and Birdman had definitely reconciled—but it was hard to tell if his appearance at her show was actually a surprise, or if Toni knew he was there ahead of time. Toni didn't appear shocked to some members of the audience, because she looked right over in that direction before Birdman walked out."

A fan of the "I Love Me Some Him," singer stated: "I love me some you,7 whole days 365. The show was awesome!!! Thanks, Toni. Please come back soon! We enjoyed u. Xox."

Another commenter stated: "Totally brought the heat. So beautiful. I cried the first day I watched the Braxton Show. That was the first time I was seeing you on TV after so many many years. Toni, or anyone else, y'all ever notice how Toni wears that necklace with the little heart? She always has it on. It must mean a lot to her. Does anyone know the story behind the necklace?I love you damn it."

This third supporter said: "I soooo wish I could’ve seen you last night; I know you kicked butt as always love you much!❤️🌹You've brought the heat for so long. A fine wine just getting better. Looking 21 is good in your 50. I need u young an buck wild."

Toni is ageless.

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