Toni Braxton 'Bakes' With Kris Jenner -- Fans Swarm To Comments To Warn Her Of The Kardashian Kurse!

Toni Braxton 'Bakes' With Kris Jenner -- Fans Swarm To Comments To Warn Her Of The Kardashian Kurse!
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Toni Braxton is a real-life vampire as seen in her stunning ageless photos over the years. The living legend uploaded a picture of herself alongside Kris Jenner and some fans went straight to her comment section to warn her to stay clear of the momager.

Kris and Toni appeared side by side getting their makeup done in  the snapshot that Braxton captioned: "Baking with KJ."

Instantaneously, the singer's loyal followers told her not to expose herself to the Kardashian Kurse -- a myth that states anyone who comes in close contact with a KarJenner will suffer irreparable damages in their career or personal life.

"stay h*** way from them ppl #kardashiankurse," a fan said.


One commentator said: "Toni, I like you a lot, but all of us are not wrong, if you care about a person, you let them know, just be careful, they love collecting New and Unsuspecting people"

While another gave their idol a heads up: "Toni, please do not mess around and get the Kardashian Kurse getting too close to this woman. They will use you for your talent and throw you away like everyone else. You have a decades long profile and all it takes is one call from Kris Jenner to tarnish it."

To be fair, Toni Braxton and Kris Jenner have been close for quite some time. In 2017, the 'Braxton Family Values' star performed for the 'KUWK' personalities at their annual Christmas party.

Additionally, Tamar Braxton shares a close friend with Khloe Kardashian -- Malika Haqq.

There were a select few who defended Toni's hangout with the momager.

"People be tripping Tone! You ain't trying to date KJ... ya just chilling and taking a selfie with another chick... she isnt perfect none of us are and we don't always have to be so d*** judgie! At the end of the day she's filthy stinking rich... How they all got there is there business. Carry on."

"Too much beauty for one picture"

"I think @krisjenner should become your manager @tonibraxton ... if there’s one woman with a business mind, with the gift of reinventing it’s her. She’s the queen mother of business."

What do you think of this friendship?


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