Toni Braxton And Tamar Braxton Are Terrified During These Terrible Times: 'They Want To Hurt Us'

Toni Braxton And Tamar Braxton Are Terrified During These Terrible Times: 'They Want To Hurt Us'
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Toni Braxton addresses a few things about what's been happening all over the country lately following the death of George Floyd. Check out the message that she shared along with a video the other day.

'They may have fired these cops, but it doesn’t matter. I’m thoroughly disgusted and horrified. How do I protect my sons? #georgefloyd,' Toni captioned her post.

Tamar Braxton hopped in the comments and wrote: 'It’s terrible‼️ then changing Beverly Hills curfew AFTER 4 to 4 pm😒 they want to hurt us💔💔'

Someone else said: '@tamarbraxton lol seriously that was crazy giving us curfew after curfew,' and a follower told this to Tamar: '@tamarbraxton please stop watching this mess give God thanks sing a song kiss your son love on your sisters call your mother call your daddy call your brother and just spread love.'

One commenter posted: '@tamarbraxton exactly their plan, and they have other agendas behind it,' and another Instagrammer said: 'Yes! I didn't get my text until a half-hour AFTER the new 4 pm curfew was put in place. What if I was already out and away from my home??? 😮'

Someone else said: '@tamarbraxton Jacobs trouble. Until we “black” people come together and follow the commandments and the Highest this will always continue to happen to us. We are a #lost people and a #cursed people. It’s all in the Bible. We continue to do this to ourselves and the our punishment was a curse for the Highest. He states it in the Bible. He scattered us and we started worshipping other Gods and idolizing other Gods and people. Until we come together and follow the Highest, unfortunately, things [email protected] change. ✊🏾 My heart hurts but I will continue to pray for my brothers and sisters. I’m scared for my sons 💔😔 to Stay prayed up everybody.'

A follower said: 'It’s so horrifying that this still continues daily😞 I pray God keeps his arm around you and your boys.'

Toni recently shared a post on her social media account in which she if offering her gratitude to Michael Jordan for standing up in order to make a difference for her sons’ futures.

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