Toni Braxton And Tamar Braxton Are Glowing In The Latest Video But Fans Slam Both Of Them - Check Out The Reason

Toni Braxton And Tamar Braxton Are Glowing In The Latest Video But Fans Slam Both Of Them - Check Out The Reason

Tamar Braxton shared a video featuring herself and her sister Toni Braxton on her social media account. The sisters are really beautiful, and some fans are praising their beauty all over the comments section.

Some other fans, on the other hand, are disappointed for what Tamar did to Traci Braxton. She told her that she is dead to her and this upset fans a lot.

Someone posted 'Lord knows @tamarbraxton I love yall but just fix it hell it may not be anything to fix we don't no, but I wanna see all yall together hanging out or maybe a pic that would speak for itself?? your fans love u guys including me.'

Another follower said 'The show is boring without you sis are you coming back? Just let me know do I can tune out of this season lol I ain’t finna waist my time on this reality roundup lol.??'

'I've been a fan, tbh before bfv, no one knew who any of you were expect Toni. So to turn your back on the show that put you in the spotlight is a slap in the face to your fans. If you are upset with my comment so be it cause I brought ALL 3 of your albums and the Xmas CD. The fans deserve an explanation,' one commenter posted demanding an explanation.

Someone else also slammed the sisters writing 'Still no way to treat family you all should be ashamed. Some things should be left unsaid. Karma remembers that.'

Here's what another upset fan posted: 'Blah blah... all these comments about how pretty they are... pretty is as pretty does! Shame on them for treating Traci like they did! Tamar telling her she is dead to her... no do overs once that is said! Tamar is classless, low budget, and arrogant ... her insides are foul!'

Someone even said that they understand why Vincent left Tamar: 'Yall ain’t shit how dare y’all leave Traci like that !!! I see why Vincent left you !! You don’t have any loyalty !!! We know you were the one that said Traci was dead to you !! We know your mouth you're a devil child @tamarbraxton.'

What's your opinion on this family drama?


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  • Melissa Vance
    Melissa Vance Nov 24, 2018 4:58 PM PST

    I Love you Traci. You have always been treated like the black sheep but God said the first shall be last and the last shall be first. You are in my prayers Traci. Seems like your mother would stand up for you...

  • Darlene
    Darlene Aug 31, 2018 7:52 PM PDT

    Sorry to hear that tamar said that to her sister. Recently my nephew died and my niece (his sister) said some very nasty things to me during the homecoming planning. I was very shocked. I did not say anything because my sister was already upset because her son had passed away. Me and my niece were very close. I dont see her in the same light anymore. Even though she apologized, our relationship will never be the same.

  • Joy Stafford
    Joy Stafford Aug 31, 2018 2:49 PM PDT

    All money is not good money... Some of the Braxton sisters are still looking for a coin and it's played out.... Start renting you'll keep your stuff that God gave to you you're making the other sisters miserable.... You but both of y'all together you're broke Toni and Tamar just stop it ain't even about that..... Back in my day we didn't chase coins baby we Chase Dollaz

  • Rasheeda Pennybaker
    Rasheeda Pennybaker Aug 31, 2018 2:25 PM PDT

    That is so wrong Tamar, Traci even try to come support you last season when you was doing your own thing. But you dog her than and she was the only one who wanted to support you. But I feel Traci last time y'all was supposed to work together she got booted all because she was pregnant. She needs to continue to make her living, Tamar is foul and crys everytime she so called been wrong. The baby sister act throw it out the door you want everything to be about you Tamar. That's wrong, you don't want to do the show why not set your own issues aside and be a support to your sister. She just became a grandma too, your rude and wrong. Use to like you now I can't stand you. Now I see why you was fired from the talk show.

  • Crystal
    Crystal Aug 31, 2018 10:10 AM PDT

    You know it's just sad. Is this what can happen when your in the spotlight you loose all sense of morals and what's right or wrong. How could you treat your sister like this? I'm proud of you Traci Braxton for taking a stand look at at God! You are an amazing woman my dear!

  • ReRe
    ReRe Aug 31, 2018 8:50 AM PDT

    It appeared the sisters collectively (except Traci) decided not to film in protest of their working conditions. But Traci chose to honor her contract by continuing to work. The sisters may have wanted a united front but Traci was within her right to choose a different path. However Tamar allegedly saying Traci is dead to her is dead a** wrong. Those are harsh words and hard to recover from.

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