Toni Braxton And Birdman's Secret Is Out Thanks To This Photo Posted By Trina Braxton

Toni Braxton And Birdman's Secret Is Out Thanks To This Photo Posted By Trina Braxton
Credit: Credit: Instagram

Birdman's recent 51st birthday made a lot of headlines for the famous rapper -- however, it was not the special occasion by itself that the public found intriguing.

/Still, rather it was one special wish for the wellbeing of the "Pop Bottles" performer that generated the most attention.

Trina Braxton was among the many people who took to Instagram to congratulate the lyricist for his birthday, but what stood out in her wish was the fact that the younger sister of Toni Braxton called Birdman her brother-in-law.

Braxton shared a picture of herself posing to the camera with Birdman and captioned the post with "Happy Birthday B.I.L," which was instantly noted by her numerous followers.

Following the appearance of the post on the popular social media platform, the majority of Toni Braxton's fans were concerned with only one thing -- if the two famous artists eloped and got married in secrecy.

One person said: "Girl, just say happy birthday and keep it moving. People like all of you are the reason WHY they keep their business private 😂."

Another commenter claimed: "He didn't grow up enough for Toni. Birdman should have stepped it up and made her his Queen."

This fan explained: "She did not marry PERIODTPOO; Marriage is A Happy Occasion why wouldn't she show it. Ppl don't hide love. And it's other ppl business when you post on Social Media, so ppl don't have to comment when ppl say something either because we don't know each other, so I don't care what you or no one else thinks until Toni or Birdman say it is, then it's Not. I believe they are Not Married."

A fourth comment read: "How do you know??? What if they are married and didn't tell anybody their business other than family and friends."

Braxton and Birdman first met at the beginning of the century, when the two of them collaborated for the production of the rapper's single, "Baby You Can Do It."

Since then, the two celebrities remained on friendly terms for more than a decade, until they made the announcement about becoming romantically involved in 2016.

The first news of Braxton and Birdman's decision to take their relationship to the next level and get married appeared back in 2018 when it became known that the rapper proposed with an outstanding diamond ring that was allegedly worth around $1 million.


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