Toni Braxton And Birdman Apparently Called Off Their Engagement: They Deleted All Pictures

Toni Braxton And Birdman Apparently Called Off Their Engagement: They Deleted All Pictures
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It seems that Toni Braxton and fiancé Birdman have called off their romance for good. Toni shared a cryptic message and deleted all her pictures on Instagram. Birdman did the same on social media.

Tamar Braxton's legendary sister and the rap mogul were supposed to get married in late 2018, but they could never agree on a location, venue or even a date.

Toni spoke about her wedding saying nothing was going as planned and they were constantly arguing, and he had given her an ultimatum.

She said at the time: “There’s not a date. There’s not a color scheme that’s etched in stone; there’s nothing. I haven’t picked the dress yet, even, ma.”

Toni added: “He’s part of the problem. He’s very busy if not more busy than I am so I have not set a date for the wedding yet.”

To add insult to injury, days after talking about the failed wedding plans, she lost her massive engagement ring.

Toni stated: “Hey everyone, @delta located my LV Train Case! Yay! Unfortunately, most of my jewelry items are missing…including MY ENGAGEMENT RING! Whoever BORROWED it…PLEEEASE return it!!!! I promise, no questions asked!”

One follower replied: "He wasn’t man enough for me ??I’m blaming the delta flight attendant that found the ring. Birdman didn’t get Toni any Xmas gift in fear she would lose it too. Now, this happens. All Delta flight attendant, who worked on flight #777 will be called in for an investigation paid for her own ring and planned the whole wedding on the show for nothing ."

Another commenter claimed: "She already paying alimony for one man ... she can’t afford to take on another mans debt... GOOD RIDDANCE Something about their relationship didn’t/doesn’t sit too well with me anyway but to each its own."

This person wrote: "Always choose to be chosen! ? You better say that loud and clear! ♥️Well, she did mention him saying they had to be married before the end of 2018...I love love, and I'm praying that you two have not called it quits. I was really rooting for you all."

Toni seems ready to have a fresh start.

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