Toni Braxton Always Knew Tamar's Marriage Was Going To Fail And This Video Might Anger Vincent Herbert

Toni Braxton Always Knew Tamar's Marriage Was Going To Fail And This Video Might Anger Vincent Herbert
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And the truth shall set Toni Braxton free and make Vincent Herbert angry while at it. Tamar Braxton was not meant to be with Vincent, according to the R&B legend.

This week, Toni sat down with Wendy Williams where she opened up about a few personal matters and took the opportunity to spill a few secrets about Tamar's past and future love life.

According to Toni, she is not at all surprised that Tamar and Vince eventually filed for divorce.

Toni, who is also a divorcée, confessed that she always felt that Vince was not the one for her sister.

The mom of two shared: “I can’t tell. I would say no … It’s just me. I'm honest. I think they were for a moment, for a season. I don’t feel like it was for a lifetime. They have a beautiful son, Logan, and they’re parenting together but … I don’t know. I don’t want to talk about their lives.”

However, when it comes to Tamar's new mysterious Nigerian boyfriend. Toni stated: “He’s nice. As long as my sister’s happy, I don’t care who it is.”

Tamar recently made headlines by sharing a video of her man shirtless emerging from a pool, and she compared him to Jesus.

One fan told the diva: "When the man is so amazing you wanna keep him a secret but he’s so good you have to tell everyone. well said...people need to look ? in a mirror before they open their mouth ?...half of these people don’t even have a man ?? or woman."

Another commenter stated: "Maybe if a Brown man wrote the bible this might be what Jesus looks like...But that's not the case . What color was Jesus anyways while everyone up at arms over her Jezus jokes. His story got us to believe whatever.CONGRATULATIONS, Tamar. I hope you find peace and love along with happiness."

This fan claimed: "Hell nawl that ain't Jesus woman you trippin now if it was Vincent Herbert coming out of the water that would be different lmao Vincent is a greek god big facts???? just jokes so don't get ur wig in a bunch."

Toni always keeps it real.

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  • Christina Lyde
    Christina Lyde Nov 16, 2018 8:56 AM PST

    Seems like none of the Braxton women can stay in a relationship including the momma. I am glad her and Vine didn't work out with her wreck less mouth and her ratched self. Vince may not be the cutest but I think once he had that surgery and lost weight and other women started checking for him and she got jealous. And as for Toni she is desperate she is desperate Look who she is marrying.

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