Tommy Lee's Publicist Criticizes Reports About The Drummer Supposedly Showing His Genitalia

Tommy Lee's Publicist Criticizes Reports About The Drummer Supposedly Showing His Genitalia
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According to a report from Page Six, Tommy Lee's publicist sent a male reporter a picture of an erect penis superimposed over the top of a Page Six journalist. The aforementioned outlet reported that Tommy Lee's team insisted the picture wasn't real. The Motley Crue drummer's PR team claimed he was merely using the application for the sake of a few laughs.

The PR person sent a picture of herself with the same penis superimposed over her face, along with the note that Tommy was currently in California, and she was in New York, so he must've been able to travel a far distance.

As most know, Tommy Lee's body parts have been in the tabloids before. According to a report from, Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson's s*x-tape was the most notorious leaked videotape of the 1990s.

The stolen videotape earned millions of dollars and to this day can still be found all over the internet. At that time, Tommy Lee was very famous as the drummer from Motley Crue, and Pamela Anderson was at the height of her fame as the actress from Baywatch.

Pamela and Tommy got married in 1995, and after the stolen tape leaked out into the world, people all over the world were able to access their bedroom activities - as long as they owned a computer or a VCR. Reportedly, the couple at the time hired many contractors to renovate their home in Malibu, but Lee and Anderson often complained about the quality of work done.

Rand Gauthier, an electrician, became upset that he hadn't been paid the amount he wanted, especially after Lee apparently pulled a gun on the two contractors after they came to his home and asked for the money they owed.

According to Throwback, Gauthier claims he was never a hit with people, however, he had never been held at gun-point either. It really "screwed with (his) head." Rolling Stone reported that Gauthier sought out revenge, hoping to expose Tommy as a "vulnerable" person, regardless of whether or not he had sold 20 million albums by his early 30s.

Gauthier stole a safe that was in their garage and it had some of Tommy's guns, Anderson's jewelry, as well as a sex-tape, and it was all history from there.

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