Tommy Howell Launches His Music Career By Delving Into The Art Of Songcraft

Tommy Howell Launches His Music Career By Delving Into The Art Of Songcraft
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Howell, 55, says in a recent interview with PEOPLE that visiting graves has a "strange effect" on her emotions, thoughts, and imagination. The state of your mind is restless.

C. Thomas Howell, the actor-turned-singer-songwriter who visited Macon, Georgia, in March of this year, is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery. Among the many notable people buried at this cemetery in Ocmulgee, Georgia, are Duane and Gregg Allman of the legendary Allman Brothers Band.

The actor most recognized for his performance as Ponyboy Curtis in 1983's The Outsiders recalls, "I recall coming there wide open, sort of spiritually and creatively." I was thinking about how short life is and how quickly it passes. These are some of the phrases that appear in Howell's new track "Rose Hill," the lyric video for which premieres here on PEOPLE.

Howell gushes to PEOPLE about how stunning Rose Hill Cemetery is. It seemed to me as I stood there that it wouldn't be so horrible to lie down there, jam with the Allmans, and watch the trains go by while I sat by the river. So this tune was inspired to be written.

Likewise, Howell went to Nashville after his eventful trip and spent the next week immersed in the history lessons contained in the music of performers like The Allman Brothers Band and Otis Redding. However, Howell estimates he spent only 48 hours on Rose Hill.

He says of the song produced by Roger Miller's son Dean Miller, "the words just came together effortlessly because it was all true and written out there before me." We were going for a heavenly sound, and I think we succeeded.

Indeed Howell is aware that many viewers only recognize him from his roles in films like E.T. and Red Dawn. Howell claims he was inspired to pursue music during the pandemic lockdowns when he was determined to make the best of a bad situation.

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