Tom Schwartz Says Lisa Vanderpump Will Most Likely Leave RHOBH - 'She Needs A Break!'

Tom Schwartz Says Lisa Vanderpump Will Most Likely Leave RHOBH - 'She Needs A Break!'

Every day that passes seems to bring new clues to the table that Lisa Vanderpump is done with RHOBH! It looks like her co-star on Vanderpump Rules, Tom Schwartz, is supportive of that decision because he really believes that she actually needs a break from her very busy lifestyle.

While in attendance at the Childhelp Hollywood Heroes Benefit yesterday, the man chatted with HollywoodLife, telling the outlet that Lisa is way too busy nowadays.

Tom did not confirm that Lisa would leave the popular show following this season’s finale but made it very clear that from his point of view, quitting RHOBH would be the best decision for her.

‘I’m totally putting words in her mouth her and just totally speculating but I feel like she just needs a little break, she works so hard. She’s got like 8 or 9 businesses. She’s a mother as well and an entrepreneur, and she’s involved in all kinds of charities and I feel she needs a little time for herself.  But I could be wrong, but I’m always rooting for Lisa. I love her and I appreciate everything she’s done for us,’ Tom shared with HollywoodLife.

And it seems like Lisa agrees because a previous report by E! News also claimed that it’s likely that this season will be her last.

To be honest, it’s not a huge surprise for anyone at this point as reports have been going around for a while, claiming that the 58-year-old matriarch has been refusing to film with her co-stars.

Furthermore, she has also skipped cast events such as Camille Grammer’s wedding!

At this point, fans of the show would be more shocked if Lisa actually decided to stay for another season!


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