Tom Schwartz Desperate To Save Failing Marriage To Katie Maloney With A Band-Aid Baby

Tom Schwartz Desperate To Save Failing Marriage To Katie Maloney With A Band-Aid Baby

The reality TV stars’ marriage hasn’t been going so well in the last few months. But we have learned that Tom Schwartz is super determined to save his relationship to Katie Maloney, and he is a man with a plan!

According to a source close to the couple, Katie and Tom have been planning on spending some time with one another in Iceland this fall.

‘Tom wants to focus on the new restaurant and Katie and his marriage. They’re thinking of starting a family and want to have time away just the two of them,’ the insider added.

Reportedly Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval have decided to join forces and open a restaurant (allegedly named Tom Tom) with boss Lisa Vanderpump.

The spot is expected to open just in time for the season six premiere of Vanderpump Rules.

34-year-old Schwartz, who has admitted before that he has commitment issues, is spending a lot of time away from his significant other Maloney as he’s also hosting a New Jersey event without her by his side.

However, he will be accompanied on the trip by Sandoval and Ariana Madix.

Schwartz and Maloney got married last summer but things haven’t been the smoothest between them, and since then, on the show, they have been discussing their trust issues and jealousy, trying to fix the rocky marriage.

According to their pal Jax Taylor they split back in June.

But are they actually planning on having a band-aid baby? Do you think that bringing a child into the equation will solidify their relationship once and for all?

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