Tom Jones Reveals Therapy And Keeping Busy Helped Him Cope With Losing The Love Of His Life

Tom Jones Reveals Therapy And Keeping Busy Helped Him Cope With Losing The Love Of His Life

Tom Jones has recently opened up about counseling and how much it helped him overcome the grief of losing his wife.

The beloved singer revealed how lost and depressed he became after his wife of 59 years, Linda died of lung cancer.

Not only was he completely unable to think about his career but there were days when he couldn’t even get out of bed.

After his son, Mark begged him to do it, Jones started going to a therapist.

The singer revealed that the specialist told him: “‘You have got to carry on. If you don’t, you will die’. I thought of my family, my son, my daughter and my grandchildren – all of that.”

Melinda Woodward died on April 10 of last year.

The two had been childhood sweethearts and he was by her side until the very end.

In the weeks following her death, Tom Jones canceled his concerts, feeling unable to return to his job or even just get out of bed.

“When my wife passed away, God bless her, I didn’t know whether I would make it. There were days when I felt I couldn’t get up. You don’t want to get out of bed to start with.”

A few months ago, the man also talked about sometimes dreaming about his wife and then waking up extremely affected when he realized she was gone.

“I hear her voice. I see her a lot at night. When I dream she’s still here and then I wake up and she’s not, that’s the hardest,” he explained.


Nowadays, the man has found solace in his work and says that keeping busy helps him not think about it.

He is already talking about returning to The Voice next year as well and says he absolutely loves the revamped ITV version of the show.

As fans of the singing completion may remember he used to be on the panel of judges but was axed after 4 years.

Despite his mourning after his beloved wife, he was recently linked to Priscilla Presley but the legend stated they are nothing more than long-term friends.

Besides, it’s too early to think about dating again after losing the love of his life.

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