Tom Holland Reveals His Favorite On-Screen Bromance!

Tom Holland Reveals His Favorite On-Screen Bromance!
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Tom Holland has teamed up with some of the biggest Marvel superheroes on screen as Spider-Man and now, at the premiere of Far From Home, the actor dished about fictional bromances and which is his favorite! On the red carpet, the 23 year old chatted with ET all about it.

When asked, the first character he thought of, that Spidey made a great team with, was Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark aka Iron Man!

Their on-screen relationship is definitely very close and heartwarming but, it did not take Holland long to realize that ‘Well, me and Downey aren't a bromance, were like a father-son-mance, which is a little creepy. So it would have to be Jake.’

That’s right, Jake Gyllenhaal, his Spider-Man: Far From Home co-star who portrays Mysterio!

Furthermore, the two walked the red carpet together and, proving they have a great bromance in real life as well, Holland mentioned their similar styles.

‘You know Jake and I are wearing the same shoes tonight? But I am wearing them much better than him. Do not tell him that!’ he joked.

Gyllenhaal had only good things to say about Holland and praised him for being so dedicated to the role.

‘I mean, one of the very first scenes I did in the movie, I am laying on the ground at the end of a battle, and he is supposed to enter. That is how it was written, but instead when I got to set, there is a trampoline onset and the dude jumps on the trampoline, does 2 backflips and lands on his hands and feet just like Spider-Man, and then he starts the scene,’ he previously told ET at a junket promoting the movie.

The older actor went on to gush that: ‘I was like, what is going on? I could not conceive of that kind of physicality in an actor. He is incredible, like, the physical stuff he does is incredible.’

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