Tom Holland Admits Tom Hanks' Little Acting Lesson Was 'Really Stressful'

Tom Holland Admits Tom Hanks' Little Acting Lesson Was 'Really Stressful'
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The Spider-Man star was apparently very stressed out when he got acting lessons from Tom Hanks! It makes total sense that Tom Holland’s experience was so nerve-wracking! After all, the older man is not only a legend but the said lessons happened live, before a studio audience!

While on one episode of The Graham Norton Show, Holland was put on the spot by Hanks, who asked him to say the line: ‘Coffee, coffee, boy do I need more coffee,’ in as many ways as he could think of.

Now, while being interviewed by ET, the young actor admitted: ‘It was really stressful, actually.’

Holland chatted with the news outlet alongside his co-stars Jacob Batalon and Zendaya while atop the Empire State Building.

‘No one actually told me that that was going to happen. And when Tom Hanks - the legend that he is - asks you to step up, you better step up! I didn’t want a coffee at all. That is how convincing my performance was. But for Tom Hanks, I'd drink all the coffee the world has to offer,’ he shared during the interview.

Aside from that, Holland also appreciated the view from the tall building, mentioning that it was ‘pretty cool’ to be there while new highs in his career are about to be reached with the release of his blockbuster film.

And just like his iconic character, Holland revealed that he loves being literally up high, while his co-star Zendaya admitted she is not a big fan.

‘I’ve always quite liked heights. I got a bit of a weird kick out of doing high stunts. I kind of like the adrenaline rush,’ he said, prompting Zendaya to joke: ‘It’s almost like he should be Spider-Man!’

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