Tom Hanks Says He's Learned So Much About Fashion From Tom Ford

Tom Hanks Says He's Learned So Much About Fashion From Tom Ford
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According to a report from Page Six, Tom Hanks has found tremendous value in having Tom Ford as his friend. In a recent interview with the Hollywood actor, Tom Hanks discussed his friendship with the fashion designer as well as the tips and tricks for always looking good when out in public.

According to Vogue, the 63-year-old, Hanks, and his partner, Rita Wilson, are among Tom Ford's closest pals in Los Angeles. Moreover, Tom is a big fan of Tom's work in films, including Nocturnal Animals as well as A Single Man.

Mr. Hanks claimed that Tom managed to create low-budget movies created in a way that demanded a "strong hand and a soft touch." The Cast Away alum stated that despite having a ton of experience making movies over the years, he finds himself frequently listening to Ford's opinions on directing.

With that said, however, the Oscar winner and the fashion designer talk about a lot more than just making movies. Tom often asks him for fashion advice, to which Ford gives him the most basic - but also the most helpful advice.

According to Mr. Hanks, Ford tells him to always "button the jacket," because it makes your form much slimmer. Moreover, Ford tells him to always use the pockets, but don't overdo it and use too much. Also, Ford told him that "cap-toed shoes" go with nearly every piece of clothing.

Recently, Tom Hanks was mentioned in one of Yahoo Movies most recent reports regarding actors and actresses who refuse to watch their own movies. However, the outlet claimed Tom was not among those people, because he likes to watch his movies at least once.

Hanks said he actually doesn't view his past films very often, with the exception of That Thing You Do . The actor said that despite not being on screen much, the movie still brings a smile to his face to this day.

Mr. Hanks said there was no reason to watch your old movies more than once because they don't change.

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