Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson Buy Lunch For Everyone At Southern California In-N-Out

Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson Buy Lunch For Everyone At Southern California In-N-Out
Credit: Source: Tom Hanks/Twitter

It's not every day that Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson stop in your local fast food joint and pay bills, but when they do, you better be sure it will be headline news. On Friday, Hanks ( Toy Story, Forrest Gump , Saving Private Ryan ) and wife Rita Wilson ( Girls , Sleepless In Seattle) spread some serious Christmas cheer at a Fontana, California In-N-Out. They went inside the restaurant and paid for everyone's meal. Additionally, Hanks went up to the drive-through window and paid for the three cars behind him.

BlackwatchCosplay snapped selfies with both Tom and Rita, then put them on Twitter with the following caption.

"I had the absolute honor of meeting the one and only Tom Hanks and his beautiful wife Rita Wilson! The coolest people I've ever met!"

By Sunday, the story went viral with people praising Tom Hanks and thanking him for showing kindness and paying it forward during the holiday season.

Instagram user bookcauldron13 shared photos of Tom and Rita eating their meal and wrote the following caption.

Tom Hanks is at In and Out sitting across from us I’m star struck!! ???

Her followers freaked out and asked her many questions. Her photos showed Hanks talking to other customers and posing for more selfies.

Fans quickly gathered outside and a few more selfies were taken. By Sunday morning, social media had additional photos captured by people who were inside the store.

Eyewitness Renee Chavez had her camera ready and filmed Hanks as he made his way to the window and paid for those in line. You can hear in the video below how excited and appreciative the lucky recipients were.

The Facebook post went viral and has more than 100,000 views. Major news outlets are now running the story as well. You may see the video as it was originally shared in the player below.

Excited fans quickly shared their selfies, helping the story spread faster.

Tom Hanks is a five-time Oscar-nominated actor and has won twice. Each time he was nominated in the best actor category and won for his roles in Philadelphia and Forrest Gump .

What do you think about Tom Hanks' generosity and kindness?

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