Tom Hanks Reveals A Mister Rogers Life Lesson Keeps His Marriage To Rita Wilson Strong

Tom Hanks Reveals A Mister Rogers Life Lesson Keeps His Marriage To Rita Wilson Strong
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Tom Hanks portrays the legendary Mister Rogers in the upcoming film, A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood .

It is the true story based on the life of Fred Rogers. Fans know he was an iconic children's television host thanks to his PBS show, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood .

Rogers had an impact on the lives of millions of children throughout his years on the small screen. Hanks was blessed to learn about the television icon, as he prepared to portray him on the big screen.

Now The Post actor is sharing how one of Mister Rogers' valuable life-lessons keeps his marriage to Rita Wilson going strong. Hanks sat down with Entertainment Tonight to talk about how the teachable lesson from Rogers has put an end to some squabbles in his 31-year-marriage.

"When my wife and I are going at it on those rare occasions, when she is letting me know that I'm not really listening to her and I'm trying to establish what the ground rules are [for the argument], when we're going at it like that, one of us will say, 'Well, you know what? You know what, honey? It's good to talk. It's good to say the things we feel," the 63-year-old stated to ET's Kevin Frazier.

Hanks also shared he and Wilson enjoy making soup together when they have time off from work. It sounds like something Mister Rogers would recommend for all couples.

Along with spilling how the television legend helps keep Hanks' marriage grounded, the actor also dished how the two men are similar. They have each been referred to as the nicest guys in the world. However, neither Rogers nor Hanks would allow anyone to take advantage of their nice, genuine and humble personalities.

"I don't allow anyone to take advantage of my good nature and I don't know that Fred did either," Wilson's husband admitted.

Other than that, Hanks shares the two men were quite different. Their significant differences are one of the reasons the actor was happy to take on the challenge of playing Mister Rogers.

Tom Hanks has taken a life-lesson from Fred Rogers and implemented it in his marriage to Rita Wilson. Fans can decide for themselves just how well Hanks takes on the role of Rogers when A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood , hits theaters on Friday, November 22nd.


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