Tom Cruise's Ex-Wife Katie Holmes Does Not Care About His Issues With Her Jamie Foxx Romance

Tom Cruise's Ex-Wife Katie Holmes Does Not Care About His Issues With Her Jamie Foxx Romance

Betrayed and angry that is how Tom Cruise felt upon learning that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are dating.

Holmes' response to Cruise -- she does not care. Well, that was clear.

On Labor Day, Cruise and Foxx decided to follow in the footsteps of Rihanna and Hassan Jameel and made their love public.

The two famous actors were seen wearing matching blue outfits as they enjoyed a romantic stroll on a Malibu beach over the popular holiday weekend.

The former Dawson’s Creek actress divorced Cruise five years ago.

And according to rumors, the parents of Suri signed a divorce agreement put in place by the Church of Scientology that stated that she could not have any lovers for five years.

Now that Foxx and Holmes have gone public, a source close to Cruise has come forward to say that he is disappointed that the mother of his child has decided to date the actor and R&B singer, a man he once considered as a close friend.

A pal of the mother of one confessed that she is happy and is in love and her ex-spouse's opinion does not matter.

The source said: "It has taken Katie years away from Tom to become no longer afraid of upsetting the powerful ex. Katie feels she has been more than respectful of Tom’s privacy and the time has come for her to move on with her life. She has been secretly in love with Jamie for some time and is happy to take her affair out of hiding. Katie has finally decided to live her life for herself and not worry about Tom’s emotions. It has been over five years since their split and Katie can’t help it if Tom is still hung-up on her actions or love life. She is happy to be living outside of Tom's shadow finally and does not care what he thinks or how he feels about her life anymore.”

The same person went on to reveal that Foxx was not in a rush to make the romance public because he fears the scrutiny.

The snitch shared: “Jamie still wants them to pump the brakes on going too public but it’s got zero to do with Tom, it is more about protecting their privacy and safeguarding their love. Jamie believes they will be cursed if they go too public. Katie is ready to be more public but Jamie is holding them back, he thinks maintaining their privacy keeps things more intimate.”

It is being claimed that Foxx and Holmes are planning to get married and have a family.


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