Tom Cruise's Daughter Suri Is Morphing Into Him And Heartbroken Katie Holmes Wants Him In The Child's Life

Tom Cruise's Daughter Suri Is Morphing Into Him And Heartbroken Katie Holmes Wants Him In The Child's Life
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According to multiple media outlets, it has been several years since Tom Cruise has seen his daughter, Suri, but it seems that she is morphing into him.

When children are separated from a parent, they either grow up to be the opposite or the spitting image of this person. Katie Holmes' preteen daughter has allegedly opted to do the latter.

An insider spoke to Radar Online and had this to say: “She is turning into a mini version of Tom, Suri is morphing into her father’s image in more ways than one, and it’s even taken Katie by surprise. It’s not just her features – Suri’s personality is becoming more like Tom’s every day.”

The family friend went on to explain: “She’s meticulous about her diet and what she eats and how much, and she’s even started to get into her exercise. She’s quite bossy and likes to prove her point with over the top gestures, too.”

Via Hollywood Life , a friend of Katie said that Tom's refusal to be in his daughter's life has left her heartbroken.

The pal claimed: "It breaks Katie’s heart that Suri doesn’t have a relationship with Tom, there’s a definite hole in her life because of it — he is missed. Katie is such a daddy’s girl herself; she can’t imagine a life without a close relationship with her dad. But unfortunately, that’s the reality for Suri.”

The source continued: “When Katie turned her back on Tom and Scientology, by extension, so did Suri — even though she’s an innocent party in all of this. Tom is the most famous — and loyal — Scientologist on the planet, and he’s always done everything they asked him to. But I believe something changed in him after he learned just how heartbroken Suri still is. She’s grateful to have Jamie Foxx in her life now, he’s becoming more and more of a father figure to Suri, and she’s very grateful for that.”

It has been reported that Suri is hoping to be an actress when she grows up. Tom does not appear ready to change his mind about being in his daughter's life.

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