Tom Cruise Yells At Crew Over Broken COVID-19 Rules In Leaked Audio Tape

Tom Cruise Yells At Crew Over Broken COVID-19 Rules In Leaked Audio Tape
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Tom Cruise has found himself at the center of a new controversy regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent regulations in the film industry. As most know, the film and entertainment business has been hit hard by the coronavirus restrictions, with many studios and companies shutting down altogether.

Reportedly, a new leaked tape of Tom Cruise features the legendary actor yelling at his cast and crew members for breaking the COVID-19 rules and restrictions. The actor can be heard saying in the video that people's jobs depended on their work.

Cruise says to few people in the video, "If I see you doing I again, you're f*cking done." According to a report from Page Six, Tom has worked very hard to ensure that people are following the rules while filming the next Missions Impossible film.

The actor reportedly became very upset after seeing two crew members standing within six feet of each other. Cruise says in the recording that he and the crew members are "creating thousands of jobs" as a result of their efforts, and he didn't want to hear any "apologies."

You can hear what Tom had to say for yourself below:

Reportedly, the latest installment of the Mission Impossible series has already been slapped with a number of complications related to the coronavirus pandemic, and sources say Tom is working hard at preventing more of them.

Back in October of this year, the Top Gun actor went to speak with the film's director, Christopher McQuarrie, about what to do following the positive diagnosis of more than 12 people on set while filming in Italy.

Reportedly, more than 150 extras were told not to come to Venice as many of the cast and crew members had contracted coronavirus. Additionally, Tom even spent over half a million dollars on an old cruise ship for the cast and crew's self-isolation purposes.


The source who spoke with Page Six says no one knows if the crew members were repeatedly breaking the rules, but either way , Tom has been adamant to enforce the coronavirus restrictions, because he and the studio don't want to see any more delays.

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