Tom Cruise Will Fly Aircraft In "Top Gun 2" But Not A Fighter Jet

Tom Cruise Will Fly Aircraft In "Top Gun 2" But Not A Fighter Jet
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According to a statement released by Paramount Studios, Tom Cruise will fly a plane in the upcoming Top Gun movie, but it won't be a fighter jet, unfortunately.

Previously, insiders stated that Tom was halting the movie for fighter pilot lessons. However, these allegations have been reported as untrue, and the film won't be rescheduled either.

As most know, Tom is celebrated in Hollywood for performing many of his own stunts, which includes operating a helicopter in the latest Mission Impossible flick -  which garnered rave reviews and smashed expectations at the box office.

Tom's latest movie crushed at the box office , especially with Generation-X'ers. Last week, industry insiders claimed Tom was shutting down the production of the next Top Gun movie so he could learn how to fly a fighter jet.

However, sources over at Paramount claim that the movie will finish filming in the springtime of 2019. While Tom won't fly the most sophisticated jets out there, he will pilot other aircraft.

Reportedly, Mr. Cruise has his pilots license already and he intends to use it once again during this movie. The Hollywood Reporter claimed that citizens are not actually permitted to man state-owned fighter jets.

This is a significantly more positive story relating to the infamous actor following reports that he and his daughter, Suri, whom he shares with his ex-wife, Katie Holmes, haven't seen each other in several years.

It was revealed earlier in the year by insiders close to the actor that Tom shunned his daughter because of her lack of support for the Church of Scientology.

However, a source who explained the situation later said, "don't believe everything you hear in the media. I'm not sure where anybody is getting those ideas, but Tom loves his daughter, and he sees her quite regularly."

As most know, Tom and Katie broke up a few years ago, and Katie went on to date Jamie Fox. Interestingly, Jamie and Tom actually worked together in the film, Collateral, nearly a decade ago. It's doubtful Tom knew at the time his costar would date his future ex-wife.

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