Tom Cruise Reportedly Took An Early Christmas Break After The Leaked COVID-19 Audio Tape

Tom Cruise Reportedly Took An Early Christmas Break After The Leaked COVID-19 Audio Tape
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Followers of the Tom Cruise COVID-19 controversy know it's been a tough week for the actor. A leaked audio recording featured the A Few Good Men alum yelling at his staff members for not following the COVID-19 guidelines, and a new report today revealed that Mr. Cruise has gone on an early Christmas break.

The Sun reported on Thursday that Tom finished filming on Friday and is on his way to Miami on a private jet to spend some quality family time with his son, Connor.

An insider who spoke with The Sun claimed the entire situation has been difficult for Tom, who was just trying to make sure the film continued production.

Mission Impossible 7 had already encountered a number of difficult situations this year, including when over a dozen crew members tested positive for COVID-19 while in Italy. It led to an emergency call between the director of the movie and Tom in which executives had to figure out how to proceed forward.

According to the insider who spoke with The Sun, keeping the production going for as long as they have, has been challenging for Tom and the cast and crew. Christmas couldn't come soon enough because it was really stressful for everyone.

In case you missed it, Tom Cruise found himself in trouble this week when he yelled at crew members for being too close to each other. The actor screamed at the top of his lungs for not obeying the COVID-19 guidelines.

Reportedly, five employees of the staff quit as a result of the outburst . Furthermore, sources have claimed Tom has been adamant at ensuring the film continues filming, so much to the point that he has even taken things upon himself a number of times.


For instance, Tom personally paid for a cruise chip for the staff's self-isolation purposes when some of them tested positive for the virus. The insider shared that Tom's number one goal at the moment is to make sure Mission Impossible continues filming and there aren't any more delays which would cost the studios even more money.

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